Vectren 2020 RFP

Respondents may submit up to three Proposals at no cost in response to this RFP. Respondents submitting more than three Proposals will incur a Proposal Evaluation Fee for each additional Proposal submitted. The non-refundable fee for evaluating each additional Proposal is $5,000.

Vectren does encourage Respondents to offer their projects in a variety of ways. Projects that are offered as PPA and Purchase options will count as one Proposal as it relates to the evaluation fee. Projects that offer several PPA term lengths and/or PPA settlement at different locations (Project busbar, Vectren’s load node, or Indiana Hub) will also not be considered separate Proposals. Vectren and 1898 & Co. will have sole discretion to determine whether a submission is deemed a single Proposal or multiple Proposals.

Proposal Fee payments will be made via ACH transfer. When Respondents are ready to submit payment they should notify 1898 & Co. at 1898 & Co. will then provide the account details necessary to facilitate the ACH transfer. Respondents should notify 1898 & Co. when payment is remitted, and 1898 & Co. will notify the Respondent when the transfer is complete.

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